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 I am a student for life!

A BSc. in Biology from York University and four years of postgraduate study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine allowed me to start an exciting journey in helping others. 

​ Over the past 18 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, collaborated with many healthcare providers and have worked with many individuals to overcome obstacles and improve their health! 

I believe firmly in "health-wealth." This is my description of a state of emotional and physical health, fostering an abundance of wealth. There is no wealth above our health!

When patients work with me, they can identify and overcome the obstacles to better their health, improve emotionally, and have more energy and vitality to do what they love. That's the power of the EMPOWER program!


I am most passionate about empowering women through their menopause journey. This is a life changing period and many women may feel lonely and misunderstood. 

I look forward to being your health partner to facilitate your health and wellness goals.

I can help with

Psychology Session

Anxiety & Pain

Digestive Disorders


Mood & Sleep Concerns 

#16 Graphic B IG.png

Hormonal Irregularities
& Metabolic Balance

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