As a primary healthcare provider, my focus area is in Digestive and Hormonal disorders.  


As a health and wellness expert, I am passionate about empowering individuals to feel good and live better.




Meet Dr Mokhtari ND


Over the past 16 years, I have collaborated with many healthcare providers and have coached many patients suffering from digestive and hormonal disorders identify and remove the obstacles, reduce to eliminate pain and discomfort and establish a better lifestyle to enjoy life again.

I believe firmly in "health-wealth." This is my description of a state of emotional and physical health, fostering an abundance of wealth. There is no wealth above our health!

When patients work with me, they can identify and overcome the obstacles to better their health, improve emotionally, and have more energy and vitality to do what they love.


I am most passionate about empowering individuals to feel great and live better.



I look forward to being your health partner to address your health conditions and wellness goals.








Programs Offered

  • Digestive Health Assessment & Protocol

  • Hormonal Assessment for pre/post menopause

  • Skin Health and Anti-aging program

  • Pain Management

  • Stress Assessment and Management

Diet & Nutrition 

Lifestyle Counselling


Herbal Medicine

Homoeopathic Medicine

Bowen Treatment For Pain

Food Sensitivity Tests

Hormone Tests

Hair Element Analysis

Blood Tests

Naturopathic Genetic Test Analysis 


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