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As a primary healthcare provider and wellness expert I help individuals through their midlife health changes. 


 My signature program EMPOWER

will address physical, mental and emotional changes you may experience through your midlife & menopause journey. 


The Menopause "taboo"- many men & women feel uncomfortable talking about this profound change and part of their life. The feeling of "loss" can be overwhelming for them. The physical and emotional changes can be uncomfortable and having a supportive health care team is important.  You can count on me!

Establishing Your Goals

Provide a "Goal Map" to 
Optimize Your Health

Make Assessments
& Analysis

We Work Together on Your Wellness so You Feel Your Best Self


  • Sleep Management

  • Skin Health

  • Hormone Health & Libido

  • Pain Management

Optimize Your Health, I can help with

Program at a glance


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