While we can’t change our genes, we can change the strength with which they express their traits. This can be achieved through natural supplements, diet, exercise and other lifestyle variables. Decoding your genetic data provides you with a detailed blueprint of how your body works.  It allows your doctor to advise you of your specific health risks and your reaction to factors such as foods, exercise and stress.  And it provides the foundation for a highly individualized lifestyle and treatment protocol.

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Food Sensitivity Tests

No one knows why the immune system produces antibodies to certain foods, but when it does, a noticeable food reaction may result. Food Sensitivity is a term that usually refers to delayed immune reactions to foods.  For example, IgG and IgA reactions to foods are commonly referred to as food sensitivities. 

Hormone Testing

Do you have concerns about your hormonal health? Are you struggling to understand the reasons for your symptoms? Have you been looking for a comprehensive test you can easily take in the comfort of your own home?



Precision Analytical offers the DUTCH test to help assist in your quest for optimal health.

OAT- Organic Acid Test

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides an accurate metabolic snapshot of what is going on in the body. Besides offering the most complete and accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria, it also provides information on important neurotransmitters, nutritional markers, glutathione status, oxalate metabolism, and much more. The test includes 76 urinary metabolite markers that can be very useful for discovering underlying causes of chronic illness.

Why Get Hair Element Analysis?

Hair element analysis is an easy and inexpensive way to assess the levels of essential and toxic elements. Less than one gram of hair is needed to test for 45 essential and toxic elements.  Rocky Mountain Analytical provides a custom interpretation that explains the patterns  of element levels in hair. 

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