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Are you 40+years old?

Now more than ever we strive to improve our health and wellbeing. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

What happens after we hit 40years of age? We start to notice some physical changes, weight loss becomes more difficult, anxiety and tension may increase and there maybe lower energy and fatigue. But why?

We also start to question our life purpose, searching within and without for meaning in our lives. "What have I done with my life?" This is a time many people may question their life and may feel inadequate for different reasons. It is a time of "sensual & spiritual awakening". Realization that we need to enjoy life more, do things we procrastinated in the past.

I work with many women and men in their 40's who feel the need to optimize their health and wellness.

Lily is a 45yr old mother of two teen boys, she has a demanding job and although her husband is very supportive she often feels tired and moody. The pressures of the pandemic and working from home while managing the family's needs and work - life balance has been a challenge for her.

She has noticed more premenstrual symptoms in the recent years, has put on 15lbs and this has also greatly affected her self image. She has tried to go on diets and exercise more but her weight is not budging. She is also experiencing less quality sleep and is tired in the morning.

When she came to see me she said " I want to feel good again, I am tired of being tired all the time".

I have worked with Lily to help her realize the obstacles to her health, and implement strategies to improve her lifestyle in order to achieve her health goals. She chose to have her genetic test done and I helped her with the assessment and analysis. She learned what food categories are best suited for her genetic type, and what to avoid.

She also learned what type of exercises would help her feel stronger and how to reduce her risk of injury.

Her report also indicated her inflammatory response, her detox capabilities and deficiencies. This enabled us to determine the best protocol to enhance her detoxification process. Her estrogen clearance was poor with more 4-OH metabolites which put her at more risk of estrogen dominance and increased cancer risk. Since then she has seen a significant improvement in her PMS symptoms prior to her periods.

She was surprised to find out about nutrient deficiencies her body is susceptible to and given her family history of diabetes and cardiovascular issues, she was able to determine if she is at risk and how to best adapt her lifestyle to reduce her risks.

Lily also found out she makes significantly less serotonin in both the brain and intestines which increase her risk of depression and low mood. Her dopamine production and receptor binding capacity was also low, and she cleared dopamine out quickly which greatly increased her risk for addictive type behaviors and reduced focus/ concentration. Although she did not necessarily have addictive behaviors, she did find holding focus and concentration for prolonged periods of time difficult.

This type of attention and individualized treatment provided Lily with the level of care and guidance she needed to set her health goals in motion. She felt #empowered and is excited about life again.

If you are curious about addressing your health and wellness needs please contact me.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tannaz Mokhtari ND


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