Fees & Forms

Insurance Coverage

Services are not covered by OHIP, however some extended health benefit plans offered through employers do cover Naturopathic Services. Please check with your provider for details of your coverage.

Initial Consultation 60-90 min

A thorough health history and relevant physical examination is conducted, assessment of health concerns in detail. Review of any laboratory tests brought in by the patient. Review of all supplements and medications. Evaluation and modification of diet and lifestyle, general treatment option will be discussed and course of treatment will be determined. 


Followup 10-15min

Quick in office visits, Weight loss tracking, phone consult.


Followup 20-30 min

Regular followups usually include dietary discussion and assessment, quick acupuncture treatments.

Phone/Skype consults.


Followup 45 min

Second appointments, acupuncture treatment, musculoskeletal treatments, lifestyle counseling.


Followup 60min

Annual assessments, Facial rejuvenation acupuncture. 


Missed Appointment Fee

Please note we require 24hr cancellation notice otherwise a fee of $35.00 will apply.


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Please Download & fill out the Intake form as well as the consent form.  Remember to bring in your forms and supplements/medications/recent tests to your appointment. 
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